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Shipping and returns

All orders are subject to the following shipping and return policy:

Shipping Policy

Our first mission is to provide you with the best online shopping experience, so we have made the shipping and delivery process easier for you because your convenience is our priority.

shipping companies

Shipping is available to all cities inside Turkey and shipping is also available to all countries around the world, Lilas deals with many shipping companies such as Aramex, DHL, Ptt and others

Shipping and delivery cost

The cost of shipping and delivery to all areas of Istanbul ranges between 15-75 Turkish liras for delivery on the same day and between 16-20 liras to the rest of the cities or for the option of delivery within 5 days

The cost of international shipping and delivery ranges from 60 to 350 Turkish lira. The price is determined by the weight of the shipment.

When will I receive the request?

We will deliver your order within 1 to 7 business days after:

- Receipt of the amount is confirmed in case of payment by Visa or MasterCard

Then you don't need to wait long; The shipping company employee (or one of Lilas shipping and delivery representatives) will call you on the mobile phone number registered with us to coordinate with you on the date of receiving the shipment. It should be noted that the incoming calls to your mobile phone must be answered so that the representative responsible for the delivery can coordinate with you on the date of delivery of the order.

Always in touch - we follow up on the status of the order with you

To better follow up on the status of the order, we will send you a message on your email to the email you registered when completing the purchase process as soon as the shipment was sent. The message is provided with your shipment tracking number, which you can enter via the shipping company's website to track the shipment status directly. If you do not find in the message a number to track your shipment, you will find the mobile phone number of the Lilas representative who is in charge of delivering the shipment to you - the representative will contact you to coordinate the date of delivery of the order to your home. You can also log into your own account on the Lilas website to follow up on the status of your order.

We finished! Your order is now in your hands... Feel free to take a picture of your order and send it to us via e-mail , Instagram, or one of our pages on various social networks. And don't forget to include the text of the photo with the hashtag #lilas_coffee :)

Return and exchange policy

The customer has the right to replace the product or order in the event that there is an error from the store or the product is damaged

Tell us within two days of receiving the order.

In the event that there is a mistake from the store or the product is damaged and the customer requests a refund, it will be compensated after the store receives the order 3-5 working days and the store must be informed on the same day the order is received,

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